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Operating heavy equipment around all five boroughs for over a decade has allowed me to experience the people, food, culture & vibes of every block in every borough of New York City. Over time I’ve developed a wealth of connections & street knowledge most New Yorkers do not possess.

  During this journey I created hoodies for my family business using the five boroughs written across the front & everywhere I wore it people would ask for one, so I knew I was onto something. I just didn’t know what yet.  The ideas & designs kept growing until it all came together in 2017 & Boro Supply Co. was born.

  The Queensborough Bridge has always been such an iconic landmark & symbol to me. From being born in Manhattan & traveling back to Queens via the Q-Boro ( 59th St.) Bridge, it’s always represented something special to me. Even all these years later traveling back & forth over it for work has been so inspiring casting views of uptown & downtown Manhattan. Visually & aesthetically it’s my favorite bridge in New York & had to be the backbone of my logo.

  The vision was clear, to create the ultimate New York brand representing every borough individually as well as New York as a whole. Boro Supply is the pulse & bloodlines of a city unseen, the underbelly of the beast, & a brand for the people that remain heavy in the streets.

  Our history runs deep, family roots have grown here from immigrants arriving at Ellis Island with dreams of a better life & brighter future for generations to come. The concrete jungle is an enormously vast oasis of vibes & culture boiling in the melting pot that is New York City & we represent it all in our designs. Coming from a construction background everything I wear is built to take a beating & last a lifetime, so in NY where the grind never stops neither should your apparel or accessories. Boro Supply Company is here to bring it’s own brand of ruggedness & style to it’s Native New Yorkers & worldwide.


Boro Supply Co. is an independent clothing brand focused on the five boroughs of New York City & the greatness we exude combined. We strive to create indestructible goods Made in America, produced in limited quantities. Drawing inspiration from NY family businesses, heavy equipment life, skateboarding, 90s rock & rap, outlaw bike gangs, & organized crime. Conceived in 2017, established in 2020. This Thing of Ours is bigger then the boroughs it’s worldwide, from New York with love. Peace.

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